One sugar and a splash of milk, a pair of steel cap boots and a good night’s kip… Through a collection of true life stories, Sugar? explores what comfort means to us all, and how people are forced to adapt when these comforts aren’t there anymore. By focusing on the issues faced by homeless people, Sugar? explores how you sleep at night when you don’t have a bed, what to do when you need the loo, and the importance of companionship, amongst other topics.

Sugar? is a beautiful portrayal of the very real words said by very real people. They’ve created a performance that heightened the importance of voices that are not often heard, and made them memorable. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Crofters Rights, Bristol 2019

Crofters Rights, Bristol 2019

Crofters Rights

In July 2019, we performed the full length pilot version of Sugar? over two nights at Crofters Rights. We sold out both nights and raised £500 for the Bristol Methodist Centre – a charity which offers sanctuary and support to homeless people. We received incredible feedback and knew the Sugar? the journey couldn’t stop there… (July, 2019)

‘An insightful piece into the lives of a few Bristolians, thought provoking and told with cracking humour, you’ll love it!’

Bedlam Fair

We performed Sugar? at Bedlam Fair on the (rather soggy) streets of Bath to the passing general public. Performing it on the streets gave the piece an authentic, raw meaning. (June, 2019)

Bristol Old Vic

We debuted Sugar? as part of the annual ‘Open Stage’ event at the Bristol Old Vic. Performing for the first time as a company on Bristol’s most prestigious stage was a fantastic experience and the best start to our summer tour. (May, 2019)

Our Process

Our aim with Sugar? was to create a verbatim piece of Theatre which gives a voice to the homeless community and share their stories, which often go unheard. We wanted to harness empathy from our audience and promote change by showing we all have the same hopes and wants, some of us just have permanent homes.

Of course the only way to achieve this was extensive research and interviews with the individuals that are experiencing it. So we approached the homeless shelter Bristol Methodist Centre, and asked to interview the locals which visit there. Luckily, they said yes and the interviews began.

The stories we received were humbling, unexpected, heartbreaking, hilarious and all the emotions in between. Alongside these individuals, we interviewed charities, the council, Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees and the general public to investigate and present other perspectives of homelessness. Sugar? proved we are all a lot more similar than we think.

Verbatim: To use exactly the same words as were used originally.

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