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Harnessing empathy to promote change.

Our show

Through a blend of verbatim theatre, physical storytelling, original music and live and recorded sound, Suspension Theatre presents Sugar?: a patchwork of utterly hilarious, painfully relatable and beautifully told stories from people not too far from our doorsteps. Step inside, and put yourself in someone else’s steel-toe boots.

At a time when homelessness figures are at an all-time high, Suspension Theatre shares the stories which often go unheard. From hours of interviews with homeless and non-homeless people, Suspension has created an innovative theatrical experience using the real words of real people: personal thoughts, feelings and experiences are combined with physical theatre, original music and live and recorded sound, resulting in a high-energy, funny, and touching piece of theatre.

This is probably one of the most important pieces of theatre you will see this year.
- Backstage Bristol, June 2022.
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Where to find us at the Edinburgh Fringe 2022

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